Lisa Morrissey - Canadian self taught artist, mum and wife.

After many years working and raising my family, an unexpected health scare and trauma had me turn to art as therapy. ‘Unpacking’ memories and past trauma required a lot of mental and emotional strength and art became my way of overcoming it all. I’m thankful everyday that my journey had these twists and turns and that it unlocked a creative side of me that may not have come out otherwise. 

When I create, all other noise stops. It’s just me and the good memories of places I’ve been and things I’ve seen, reliving those moments.

I’m inspired by my love for nature, and my experiences both living in Ontario and travelling in Canada. If I can add a little happiness, colour, and joy to the life of anyone looking at my art, then I’m happy and inspired to keep creating. While I love bringing my own ideas to life, I'm able to work closely with you to bring your ideas to life as well! Contact me directly to start working on a custom order.