The Beauty of Wood

Dendron - the Greek word for tree

Dendrochronology - the scientific method of dating tree rings, to date the age of the tree, weather patterns, and environmental changes such as wet or dry years, cold or hot years, fires, and more.

Looking at a woodslice, and its growth rings, is like looking at our life. it reflects our journey and growth over the years. 

Some years the rings are closer together. These are years of scarce water, difficult conditions in which to grow. Other years, the rings are further apart, showcasing perfect growing conditions. 

The rings can show where branches began, and also show the scars of damage to the tree.

Like us, there are good and bad years. Years where we grow emotionally and physically. Maybe where our health improves, where we thrive. Other years where we suffer, and have challenges to overcome. Where our health declines, and we are emotionally hurt. 

Some years major changes in our lives occur, causing us to flourish or be held back. 

But still, like the tree, we grow, with the hope of better years ahead.